Can Business Angels help my business?

Business Angels are individuals who themselves had started their own business in the past and now have the money and impetus to help other people do the same. They do all this by providing some funding to help a business that is struggling but has potential in the future.  Besides, they also finance new businesses that want to start-up.


These investors will only put in money in a company if they think it will do well and make a profit. They won’t only offer money, time and endeavour but most also provide knowledge and their expertise on how to make a business. For doing all this, business angles want a higher rate of return than other sort of investments like stocks and bonds.


If you’re looking for business angels then one important thing that you must consider is that they are generally from an entrepreneurial backdrop. Almost everyone has started from the bottom and worked their way up. This is the reason that they feel satisfied and proud in being able to assist someone else in achieving their goals. But that’s not the only reason why they invest money. Angel investors earn up to 400% as compared to 9% returns in stock market investments.


A business angel can be found all over Dubai. They might be in your locality or neighbourhood, but you won’t know until you search for one. The Internet is an excellent way to start by searching the World Wide Web for business angels and venture capitalists. When you contact them, explain precisely what your product and or service is and why you want funding. You will have to explain them a well designed business plan which would show how you plan to grow over the following years. It should contain plans about your growth, and how you would like to increase your products, services or take on staff etc. This list is never-ending but it all needs to be stated in your well presented plan.


You need to clearly consider what you’re going to say when you in reality meet the business angel. This meeting will be one of the most vital meetings in your life.

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