Private Equity: The right choice?

The source of funding of any business is of massive significance. This is because no business deal or enterprise is doable without funding. Private equity investments are one such source of investment. These funds have assumed enormous significance and figures prove that private sources fund new projects at a massive rate, which is roughly 25 times more than funds from other sources.


Although, in the past, private equity required a lot of procedures and formalities, it has now become an excellent medium for financing businesses.


Private equity investors are funders who have a soaring net worth and asset value and have liquid cash available. These financiers are the back bone of such funds. Last year around 300,000 firms and ventures were initiated in the States and nearly one seventh of this was backed by these investments.


These investors have made a score in the economic field and they have had a marvellous impact in the industrial market. It is approximated that these sponsors fund anything in a range from $20 – $60 billion yearly.


Private funders with additional wealth usually keep their wealth and investments in non-public corporations. Thus an equity investor will most probably make an outlay for 3 to 7 years, in disparity to project capitalists who put in money in businesses at the setting up stage or launch and also for much shorter periods.


These firms will tag along a number of factors while making an investment, which will comprise a well-built executive team and the firm’s ability to bring in profit. They will also look at the development prospective of the concern and whether an investor’s fund is safe as well as good return on his investment. He will also look at the exit sections in case the investor wants to get his outlay out.


Thus private equity is never in loss making businesses. These funders are there to get a good return on the capital they have put in and as such they will track the profit chart of any business they put their money in. The investor will look for contracts that give him a fraction of the earnings spawned at the time of exit. This will be an imperative section for him as he can use the proceeds to spend in some other business and seeking business angels.


From 2011 onwards the private equity funders did take a nose dive as the fiscal set-up had become austere, but at the turn of the present year the funders are back and have money to invest as recession is on the way out.

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